It's super easy for you to get started with Young Living Essential Oils in your home too!  I'm always looking for sales & the best "bang for my buck".  Our Premium Starter Kit is a FANTASTIC set to start with for an incredible price!

On top of the already awesome price for the amount of amazingness you get in the Premium Starter Kit, I'm giving you, OUR HAPPY HIVE followers, the absolute BEST deal!  You'll get a $25 gift card from me for your choice of AMAZON or TARGET; PLUS, I will send you super helpful reference materials.  These aren't a few skimpy pamphlets either, but over 450 pages PACKED with info on how to use your oils!  If you'd like information about the basics of essential oils and the oils in the starter kit, check out this helpful Essential Oils Starter Guide.  

If you're ready to order, simply click on my link below and follow the

"How Do I Place an Order"

steps down below.  SO...what are the kit options for getting started with Young Living Essential Oils?


How Do I Place an Order?

1. Click: Get Started with Young Living!

2. Select the wholesale member option so you get the best prices.

3. Be sure the sponsor ID and enroller ID both say “1542543”.  That way, I can give you the freebies!

4. Choose your Premium Starter Kit.  I recommend the Premium Starter kit with the Desert Mist diffuser-$160 because it gives you all the oils and a great diffuser.  It's such a fabulous deal, I’ve actually gotten it more than once!

5. Add any other oils or Young Living products you'd like to your order!   (If you like getting FREE products see BONUS Steps below.  I highly recommend BONUS Step B, which gives you the most FREE stuff!)  

6. Make sure you continue through each step and confirm your order.  After your order completes, I will send you your reference materials, and I will also add you to our team's secret Facebook group where you can meet other essential oils users, glean from their experience, and share yours!

7. Email me at and let me know that you signed up through this promotion, so I can send you for your free items!  (Please allow up to 30 days from order date to receive items.) 

*Please contact me if you have any questions!


BONUS Step A: (Optional!)  If you would like to earn free oils this month, add a few things to your cart so your total pv is over 190.  (Each product has a point value, or pv).  Click to view the current monthly promotions. With the Premium Starter Kit, you automatically have 100pv… then you’ll just need 90 more points to get the bonus oil(s).  For example, you could grab an extra bottle of Thieves Oil at 33.75 points, 15 ml bottle of Lavender at 23.5 points, 15 ml bottle of Lime at 11 points, and the 14.4 ounces of Thieves Household Cleaner at 22 points (just pour one capful of the concentrated Thieves cleaning solution into a spray bottle with 2 cups water.  With about 58 capfuls in the bottle, it lasts for a really long time! Plus, it works really well, smells wonderful & is non-toxic.) All of those items will bring your total points up to 190.25pv, which will qualify you to get the monthly BONUS products for that level!  (This step is completely optional!)


BONUS Step B & what I highly recommend: (Optional!)  Are you ready to really give it a go to improve your health, remove toxins from your home, and do you want to earn even more free oils?  When starting to use essential oils and oil infused products, it's important to use them regularly and consistently for best results.  I highly recommend committing to use Young Living products for 3 months and see how you feel.  We have a great optional program called Essential Rewards (ER).  It's a program where you get products for your health & wellness each month while earning points back towards free oils!  I jumped on ER right away when I purchased my starter kit, and I'm SO glad I did!  You can sign up for ER along with the purchase of your starter kit by choosing the Essential Rewards option and adding your extra items or one of the Essential Rewards Kits to that part of your order.  Now you will earn the free oil for having an ER order of at least 100pv, plus other free products based your total PV.  PLUS, you will earn 10% of your point volume in ER points to use later for free oils!  See the image below regarding details of the Essential Rewards program and Essential Reward Kit options. Learn more about the great benefits of our Essential Rewards program here.  



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